Lee’s piece “Learning about Race Learning about America” discusses socialization and integration for immigrants in American society. In a short four to five page essay, you will address the following topics: how race affects their socialization and integration; how gender affects their socialization and integration; and how the experience of the Hmong students is school is affected by the black/white binary.

1. You will address the issues as stated above.
2. You will turn in a formal 4-5 page double spaced, 12 point font with standard 1 inch margins hard copy that adheres to academic standards of tone and citation practices.

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Learning About Race, Learning About America
In lee’s piece, learning about Race, Learning about America, the predicament of Hmong American students is analyzed in depth. The author explores how racial stereotyping of Southeast Asian American students, Hmong in particular, affects the students’ socialization, and integration. He achieves this by conducting a fieldwork study that involves observation and interviewing of these students. The study was conducted in a public school called ‘University Heights High School (UHS) since it has a reputation of having the most culturally diverse students’ population.
Effect of Race on Socialization and Integration
In spite of having a racially diverse population, UHS shows scant evidence of commitment to serving this diverse population. Primarily, this is because whiteness is   as a benchmark for what is considered American and un-American. The faculty's definition of a good student is based upon the assumption of a white culture where students who score highly on standardized tests and are actively involved in co-curricular activities are classified as bright and talented. As such, this classification places the white race as a superior race since other races; Hmong in particular, fall short of these expectations.
The author further observes that Hmong students are socially alienated from the mainstream school. This observation is supported by the fact that...

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