During this course, we have discussed structure and agency many times and related it to various sociological theories. Choose one reading each that you think demonstrates the strongest support for structure and agency respectively, and logically and persuasively describe why you have made your decision. You must describe enough of the material in the reading to be able to draw your conclusions. The two readings you select must be from weeks four through six (race, education, or gender/sexuality).

2. 2. Racial discrimination in the United States is often described as stemming from the individual, or in sociological terms, stemming from the agentic level. However, this agentic understanding is problematic. Apply Mills’ theory of the sociological imagination to two readings or movie (not including Bonilla-Silva) from week four to describe how this agentic understanding of racial discrimination is problematic. Then compare and contrast Mills’ and Bonilla-Silva’s in terms of their structural understanding of racism.

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‘American Racism’ in the Agency and Structure Context
1. Introduction
Sociologists define racism as the belief that members or participants from a certain race possesses specific attributes that identify their group as weak or inferior when compared to the other races within the same society. As such, the society reckons members from this race as weak and unfit to compete with other accomplices. As outlined in the theory of agency and structure, an individual is a creation of multiple internal and external factors that work together to determine individual’s beliefs, position, capabilities, and social orientations. According to Mills (2000), agency is the ability of any social players to act independently and rationally in the attempt to improve the social and personal circumstances. On the other hand, structure, which denotes the external and internal factors such as gender, race, ethnic, and religion, which also plays a major part and determining the efficiency of agency in a social setting. Many sociologists argue that racism as a social vice stems from agency level. However, there lacks explicit definition of agency levels in modern society as well as a clear definition of the relationship between the two parameters. The purpose of this article is to examine racism as a social problem with its roots in the social structure. The author applies the theory of sociological imagination to derive social meanings from distinctive texts and ideas.
2. Sociological Imagination Theory
In 1959, Mills developed the sociological theory in the attempt to integrate what he referred to as the major constructs of the society. In the document, the sociologist argues that an individuals and the society remains intertwined with a reversed ability to character each other. As such, all persons are a product of social, political, cultural, and historical forces while the society evolves as the individual players change. Therefore, it is objective to examine all sociological concepts from an outsider’s perspective to enhance empirical analysis in social sciences. For instance, while attempting to understand deviance in a closed society, a sociologist must examine how the deviant person actions affect the community as well as how the culture influences his or her atypical decisions. However, the tenets asserted by Mills in his theory challenges the social functionalism, which dictates that individuals are because of social orientations, and completely ignored the possibilities that society is also because of unique course (Mills, 2000).
Nonetheless, sociological imagination became rational when international trade and increased humanitarian actions challenged the natural method of the corporation’s...
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