Self Reflection Paper

This paper is to be 5 pages - 7 maximum. This paper should be typed, double spaced, using 12 point font and in APA style. Spelling, grammar and writing style count heavily in the grading and therefore special attention should be made in completing your work.

Developmental and Environmental Influences

This assignment is intended to allow you to address the impact of various issues related to human behavior in the social environment on your personal and professional development.
To complete the assignment, write a paper which includes at least the following elements.

a. A general description of yourself as a bio-psycho-socio-cultural being.
b. A general description of your progress through the life span to this point in time. In other words, in terms of the various phases of the life cycle outlined in this course, where are you now and what phases have you passed through?
c. A brief discussion of your predictions for your progress through the phases of the life span which remain.
d. A description of related social systems in the larger environment which have influenced your progress (personal and professional development) through the life span.
e. A description of major environmental events and factors (current and historical) which have influenced your personal and professional development.
f. The consequences of diversity, discrimination and oppression (personal and professional) on your progress through the life-span and on the development of your personal and professional values.
g. Overall quality – style, grammar, spelling, neatness, etc

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When considering my personal and professional growth to this point in time and when considering where I will continue to grow in the future, many different experiences come to mind. Erikson’s psychosocial developmental theory, including the eight life stages, is very pertinent to understanding and conceptualizing how all of these experiences connect with my life story and how I am a bio-psycho-socio-cultural being.

In terms of biology, I am a 44-year-old female and presently in good health. In terms of psychology, I have developed a strong sense of self and purpose in my life and my career, which relate to my life story as well as my drive to help others. In terms of society, I have been exposed personally and professionally to many different aspects of inhumanity, including oppression and social injustice, while at the same time continuing to have faith that the better angels of our nature can prevail and make a better world for all those living in it....

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