Read "Street Corner Society" and do the following assignment:
1. Measure the research performed in "Street Corner Society" against the sociological research model (I can provide). What does the model say about how to do research and does the author of the PDF follow all of these steps?
2. Write 1 1/2-2 pages on which steps of the model the author uses and which steps he does NOT use. When you get to step 5 (research methods), discuss which research method, or methods, that he uses.
3. Describe any norms that the author violates in the course of his research. The paper should be broken down by topics, listed in BOLD.

A Sample: TOPIC Does the researcher have a topic? If no, just say that the researcher does not have a topic. If yes, what is the topic?

PROBLEM Is there a problem (something about which the researcher wants to know more)? If you feel that there is a problem, write what the problem is. LITERATURE Does the researcher consult literature?

HYPOTHESIS Does the researcher have a hypothesis? Etc.

RESEARCH METHODS (# 5 on the research model) What research methods does the research use and how does he use them? Don't forget to describe norms that the researcher violates in the course of his research.”

Works Cited
Henslin, James M.; Down to Earth Sociology: Introductory Readings 11th ed.; Free Press, 2011.

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TOPIC: Does the researcher have a topic?

Yes, Whyte, the researcher in this study, has a topic. The Topic is immigrant neighborhoods in America. In the 1930s, William Foote Whyte, a sociologist from Harvard, embedded himself in a lower class neighborhood in Boston to learn more about the beliefs and practices of the Italian Americans living there. He is studying first and second generation Italian immigrants who all live in the same neighborhood of “Cornerville.”

PROBLEM Is there a problem (something about which the researcher wants to know more)?

Yes, there is a problem. As a researcher, Whyte wants to know if he can gain information about the people he is studying as an observer? The men and women he observes in the neighborhood do not know he is a sociologist from Harvard. When asked, he tells them he is writing a book. However, Whyte purposely keeps his reason for being in the neighborhood a mystery. At the heart, he wants to know if as an outsider what are the limits of his immersion into a different sociological group and can he as a researcher genuinely learn about their behaviors....

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