Instructions: Drawing from class readings, lectures, activities, and discussions, address some of the sociological dimensions of each topic in 2 pages (double spaced, 12 pt. font, with standard margins), for a total of no more than 6 pages altogether. Submit all essays as one continuous document, with each topic titled separately within it. Please be aware that the goal of this exam is not for you to summarize the articles at each of the links below. Rather, you should use articles as a “springboard” for a sociologically informed discussion of the topics and issues that they collectively address in each question. Your responses should be significantly grounded in the readings and concepts that you have learned about in class, with appropriate citations.

#1 Analyze this cartoon (by New Yorker cartoonist Bon Mankoff) in relation to course readings and discussions.

#2 Recently, several members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team filed a wage-discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF). Specifically, despite evidence in the USSF’s 2015 financial report that the women’s team generated nearly $20 million more than the men’s national team, the women were paid roughly one-fourth of what the men earn. Use the following links to familiarize yourself with some of the details of this topic. Analyze the sociological dimensions of this issue.

#3 For the second year in a row, controversy has surrounded the racial homogeneity of Academy Award Nominees and the hashtag “#OscarsSoWhite” immediately resurfaced on Twitter and social media more broadly. Use the following links to familiarize yourself with some basic background information surrounding this topic. Analyze the sociological dimensions of this social issue in the context of our readings.

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Social Injustices: A case Study of a Cartoon by Bob Mankoff

The cartoon by Bob Mankoff is an illustration three fishes of different sizes preying on each other with different perceptions about life. As argued by Arnason and Mansfield (2013:191) art is abstract and seeks to represent the social, political, and economic aspects as observed by the artist. Correspondingly, art is abstract indicating that there is no specific meaning as symbolized by subjective art. However, it is plausible for an individual to triangulate the existing social theories and come up with an agreeable meaning of the cartoon. Additionally, through examination of the society, one can develop universal meanings that indicate the various aspects that define the society at legal and ethical levels. From an impartial sociological analysis, the cartoon by Bob Mankoff explains the social stratifications through from multiple perceptions. The most significant themes include power, perception, and realism to change....

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