In this paper you will pursue in-depth research on a social issue of your choice. Your goal is to:
1. Identify a coherent social issue (manageable in scope), based in a specific time and place.
2. Consider the conditions that enabled this issue to develop in this manner. Contextualize the social issue within its relevant social, economic and/or political history.
3. Identify and describe two or three different perspectives that scholars and/or relevant interest groups hold toward this issue. Identify the key assumptions within and arguments made by each perspective, drawing on at least one course concept. E.g. you might analyze the issue from different theoretical approaches in sociology (such as structural-functionalist, social-conflict, feminist, race-conflict, symbolic interactionist) OR you might identify the ways different interest groups interpret the issue (e.g., in the case of recent Pride Parade protests in Vancouver, you might consider the perspective of Black Lives Matter, Pride Organizers, and the Vancouver Police Department)
4. Assess these perspectives and situate yourself within them. You may agree with an existing position, propose a combination of existing positions, or advance a new position. Be sure to develop arguments that are logical, consistent and well-supported using academic sources.
5. Identify potential policy recommendations to address your social issue.

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The ongoing global campaigns against inequality have seen the rate of discrimination against mentally challenged people significantly decrease. Despite such constructive progress, recent studies have identified a substantial ongoing stigmatization and discrimination within the modern society based on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), which has been noted to affect their overall health and social welfare together with the manner at which they access sufficient psychological health care (Veltman & Chaimowitz, 2014). The issue therefore seems to be delicate and critical thus calling for urgent intervention as part of the recent efforts of ensuring equality for all human kind. By critically evaluating the issue, this paper tries to address the importance for psychiatrists and other health care providers to raise awareness and knowledge of mental health needs of the LGBTQ community and come up with a less discriminative treatment procedure to improve their social and health welfare.
The discussion begins with a clear review of certain historical, social, economic and political trends that contributed to such a pressing issue that the LGBTQ individuals are facing in America today. Based on different sociological theories, the main causes of stigma and discrimination in mental health provision sector against the LGBTQ people are discussed. Different scholarly perspectives on the same issue are also evaluated with the key arguments, assumptions and implications identified. Finally, possible recommendations on how to deal with the issue are suggested with the best conclusion drawn from the discussion. Stigma and discrimination against the identified population is the main cause of the recent inequality in mental health care provision in the U.S.
Historical context
Every social issue has its history in relation to what triggered the factors that contributed to its emergence. Taking the case of stigma and discrimination against the LGBTQ community in the US based on the provision of mental...

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