Our text first address the concept of globalization on page 70, however, most of the discussion regarding the effects of globalization are found in chapter 10 where Immanuel Wallerstein's "World Systems Approach" is introduced along with analysis of high medium and low-income nations. Also central to our understanding of the effects of globalization and the theoretical analysis of this phenomena are the conflicting perspectives of "modernization theory" versus "dependency theory". A final discussion on globalization is located in section 18.2 of our text. After a thorough reading of Chapter 10: Global Inequality, section 18.2: globalization, and viewing the video links below- (1) take a position on globalization regarding its positive and negative effects on core, semi-peripheral and peripheral nations and their workforces. Make reference not only to the effects of these nations but also the effect on inequality within those nations. (1.a) Cite direct quotes / data sets / facts from our text to support your position on this first question. (2) Make special reference to the history of U.S. labor relations and worker rights as it relates to our current attitude toward organized labor in the U.S. (2.a) Again, support this perspective with references to the text and/or the videos). (3) Compare and contrast the early U.S. policies toward worker compensation and worker rights with those of current labor-intensive, low-income countries as they attempt to move into modernity.

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Globalization is international integration through exchange of international ideologies, processes, products, skills, and cultures. Sassen (1999) points out that, due to the fundamental needs of global societies, individuals have invented approaches to handling social, economic, and political issues. Through the integration and the coincidence of needs, people share the adopted strategies for solving the national and international crisis through globalization. However, due to the distinctive...

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