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SOCIAL ACTION PROJECT Social action refers to engagement in informed, reflective action aimed at fostering positive social change. As a budding sociologist (or sociology ally) working toward becoming an engaged citizen, you have been asked to design a social action project with consideration of the following: ISSUE: Choose social issue or problem that you care about and want others to care about. Provide brief background information about the issue and outline why call for social action is important. AUDIENCE: . Decide whether the social action is local (campus or community- based), provincial, national or global in scale. Identify the primary target audience for this social action project. PURPOSE AND GOALS: State the clear and achievable goals of your social action project that specifically outlines the exact purpose of the project. See below for examples of potential goals. ACTION: Give your project name. Select the specific action(s) that will support the stated goals of your project. (See below for examples of potentia actions.) Discuss, in detail what these actions will entail and what goals they are meant to achieve. For example, the Stop Bullying project aims to awareness distribute about bullying informational (goal 1) and to poster prevent in order bullying raise (goal create and an to 2). (Please note that this is avery simplified example meant for illustration purposes only.) REFLEXIVE SUMMARY: Write a reflective summary (about paragraph in length) that outlines how your particular social lens may have contributed to the development of this social action project. Also discuss any potential limitations that you foresee with respect to your social action project. POTENTIAL GOALS Raise awareness Educate Create discussion Promote Provide support Advocate Prevent Empower Protect Reform Increase or Reduce Change or shift attitudes Connect Provide access or opportunity Strengthen Bridge Unite Serve POTENTIAL ACTIONS Workshop Mentorship/Role Models Program Internship Fundraising Video film Event Seminar or webinar Website/blog/online community Photography or Photo Series Social Media Campaign Video blogs Resource Toolkit Sponsorship Event Training Performance (music or play) Exhibition or showcase Summit or conference Speaker-series Festival Informational Materials Drive Presentation Workbook Merchandise Share stories/narratives Auction Informational Interviews Dedicated Day/Week/Month Services Protest Art Newsletter Poster flyer Donation Campaign Workbook Workbook Share stories/narratives Learning Outcomes This assignment is intended to: Integrate text-based and experiential-based learning Deepen understanding through application of course material Assist in formulating thoughtful strategies and to develop problem- solving capabilities Foster empathy, responsible action, and engaged citizenship Enhance a sense of personal and collective efficacy

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Environmental degradation is a social concern in the society today due to the prevalence of pollution and extinction of natural vegetation. Primarily, the communities we reside in are marred with pollution that may endanger the existence of human beings in such environments. As such, environmental conservation is necessary to enhance the sustainability of livelihood and foster positive change in the community. Human disturbance is the cause of environmental deprivation due to the activities that people engage in (Skye, 2014). The expansion of the human populace has led to the deprivation of the natural environment due to the occupation of people in areas that were considered forest reserves. Moreover, the disposal of waste has also contributed to the enormous degradation of the environment.
Essentially, the environmental conservation social...

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