Write your reflection paper based on the following basic parameters for chapter 1 and 2 for the real world fifth edition ( intro to sociology) Opening Paragraph, to module topics on which you will be reflecting and writing. Content reveals personal reflections and new personal insights on the topics in the module. What did you learn, and what does the new information mean to you, and how do you apply it or see it in your own life or in others' lives in society. Concluding paragraph, summarizes personal experiences of the reflection process.

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Sociological terms and real life

My orientation to this module has not only been a fascinating but also enlightening experience for me. This report gives me the opportunity to express the module topics that stood out the most for me, the new insights I gained, what the new information means to me, and how it applies to my own life or to that of others in the society. The topics I will cover include types of knowledge, sociological theories, and sociological research methods.

Types of knowledge
I learned that there are two types of knowledge and these include scientific and practical knowledge. Practical knowledge is the skills that allow one to execute day-to-day endeavors. A good example of practical knowledge is the use of a cell phone to communicate with other people. It came to my realization that people...

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