1. Write an essay based on information found in your textbook Sociology: The Basics, Twelfth Edition, by John J. Macionis and selected readings from Seeing Ourselves: Classic, Contemporary, and Cultural Readings in Sociology by John J.
Macionis and Nijole V. Benokraitis. The great thing about this assignment is there is NO outside research necessary!
Topics: Conformity, Deviance, Economy

2. “The Power Elite”
After a careful reading of “The Power Elite” by C. Wright Mills on pages 305–310, use your own words to respond to the following questions:
1. What institutions form the interlocking triangle in Mills’s analysis? Why does Mills think they’re the most powerful social institutions?
2. Some may feel that big historical events imply the existence of power elites. Others, taking their cues from the self descriptions of influential individuals, assume that there are no power brokers whose actions wield decisive consequences. In what way is Mills critical of these perspectives?
3. In Mills’s view, what role do celebrities have with regard to the power elite? What evidence do you see of this in contemporary times?
4. Does the lack of aristocratic history mean that power is dispersed throughout U.S. society?

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Social stratification is a term that is used in social sciences, mostly in sociology, to describe relations between positions of social status and social groups or individuals in a society. Every society in the history of civilization has been stratified. The issue that has been raised by many sociologists in the past 200 years was to determine the reasons for social stratification and consequences it has for a society. Some theories have not given so much tribute to social stratification, while others put it in center of their research. Social stratification remained one of the main issues in sociological researches, especially those focusing on economy....
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