1) Find at least two recent (2008 to present) scholarly articles that address concerns specific to child abuse disclosure. Refer to the research studies for this discussion: Based on what you found and your own professional experiences, critically evaluate society's responsibility to report alleged incidents of child maltreatment. What factors do you think are most important for determining a course of action and substantiating a case? Minimum 250 words – include the 2 articles as references.

2) In most states, a person who reports suspected child abuse in good faith is absolutely immune from criminal and civil liability. However, the 1993 CAPTA amendments require states to enact legislation providing for prosecution in false reporting cases. The false reporting laws must be read together with the immunity statutes and case law (Smith, 2009). Find at least one scholarly article (recent: 2008 to present) or case study involving false reporting of child abuse or other information about immunity and false reporting. Use this information for this discussion: Referring to the article you found, share a summary of your findings and discuss the significance of immunity and false reporting on the amelioration of child abuse and neglect. Provide citations and links to your sources. Minimum 250 words.

3) Integrating and demonstrating an awareness and sensitivity to cultural competence is important throughout the reporting process. Based on the article "Child Discipline and Physical Abuse in Immigrant Latino Families: Reducing Violence and Misunderstandings" (below) and any other information from the two discussions above that you wish to use, critically examine and reflect on what you can learn about cultural conflicts, discipline, and disclosure. Provide a recommendation on how you can better approach this issue of disclosure and discipline in your professional role. Minimum 250 words.

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In the world, there are millions of cultures that different people practice. This means that their means of disciplining children differ from one culture to the other. Professionals therefore should learn to practice cultural relativity. Their views on child abuse should not be based on the cultures that they originated from. It is however important to ensure that people from different cultural dispositions do not harm children when disciplining them. In our case, the Latinos are known to use authoritarian methods of child rearing borrowing from their culture. Their culture should however not be used to cause physical or psychological harm to children who instead require parental protection.
Counselors and other professionals in the child protection units at times find themselves in situations that they could prove to...

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