This assignment supports the following objective(s):
- Communicate an understanding of western and non-western cultures, values, and social norms as well as the contributions and concerns of various groups (ethnic/racial, gender, etc.)

Assignment overview
How does social class affect achievement of goals? For this assignment, you will examine social class through a case study, and apply the concepts to your own situation.

Assignment details:
Perform the following tasks:
1. Read “The Power of Class: A Low-Income Student Asks: ‘Am I as Good as You?’” on page 253 in your text.

2. Answer the following questions in at least 750 words:
a. What social class were you born into and how do you think it affected your life chances?
Describe if it made it harder or easier to achieve your goals.
b. Other than money, what are some other factors that determine what social class we belong to?

3. Remember to follow the format for written assignments:
a. Papers must be typed double-spaced and approximately 750 words. However, number of words is not as important as providing a complete answer to the question backed up by specific examples from your own experience or outside references.
b. APA guidelines should be followed for references and in-text citations
c. Proper spelling and grammar should be used.

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In the world, there are three major social classes: the lower class, the middle class and the lower class. Basically, the social class that individual belong to is determined by their ability to access to economic resources. People at the lower class are majorly uneducated and therefore unable to get good jobs that can allow them to improve their livelihoods. Many people in this class live in either relative or absolute poverty....

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