Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. The only known language to be spoken by only women is found in
A. northern Canada.
B. Near East.
C. southern China.
D. Australia.

2. In the perspective of Erik Erikson, adolescents face which of the following developmental challenges?
A. Autonomy versus doubt and shame
B. Initiative versus guilt
C. Identity versus confusion
D. Intimacy versus isolation

3. Who coined the term sociology?
A. Thomas Hobbes
B. Copernicus
C. Auguste Comte
D. Aristotle

4. In their studies with rhesus monkeys, Margaret and Harry Harlow determined that their subjects manifested the least amount of developmental damage when they were
A. raised on a diet of goat's milk and soy meal.
B. simply left alone to fend for themselves.
C. provided with a wire mesh "monkey" that included a feeding nipple.
D. provided with a soft terrycloth "surrogate mother."

5. Most of the poorest countries on Earth are found in
A. Central Asia.
B. Southwest Asia.
C. South America.
D. Africa.

6. Which of the following sociological perspectives draws on the philosophy of idealism to propose that values are the core of any culture?
A. Social conflict
B. Structural-functionalism
C. Sociobiology
D. Cultural relativity

7. The symbolic-interaction perspective in sociology emerged from whose idea that sociology should take the perspective of people or groups being studied?
A. Erving Goffman
B. W. E. B. DuBois
C. August Comte
D. Max Weber

8. For most children, schooling is their first experience of
A. learning.
B. the subtle curriculum.
C. social structures.
D. bureaucracy.

9. Which of the following hypothetical scenarios best suggests the violation of mores?
A. Rhonda, a Catholic, decides she should marry a Catholic man.
B. Walter is reprimanded for smoking on duty.
C. Jason, who's British, forgets to drive on the right side of the road.
D. Cedric Frost is indicted for molesting a minor.

10. Among key values espoused in American culture, which one is most clearly associated with a common, usually male, bias against emotion and intuition as sources of knowledge?
A. Science
B. Achievement and personal success
C. Freedom
D. Material comfort

11. Peter Berger described the sociological perspective as seeing the
A. particular in the general.
B. familiar in the strange.
C. strange in the familiar.
D. general in the particular.

12. The growth of cities is accounted for, in part, by what is called the _______ movement, whereby landowners fenced off more and more private farmland to raise livestock, such as sheep.
A. barbed wire
B. circumvention
C. insulation
D. enclosure

13. According to your text, a main cause of cultural change is
A. revelation.
B. repetition.
C. invention.
D. concealment.

14. According to research discussed in your text, which of the following groups has been found to have the lowest rate of suicide?
A. Black women
B. Black men
C. White women
D. White men

15. Our self-image is based on our perceptions of how other people view us according to
A. George Herbert Mead.
B. Charles Horton Cooley.
C. Lawrence Kohlberg.
D. Carol Gilligan.

16. Religious beliefs centered on one God are associated with what phase of human social evolution?
A. Agricultural
B. Hunting and gathering
C. Industrial
D. Pastoral

17. A proponent of multiculturalism would most likely reject
A. popular culture.
B. Eurocentrism.
C. subcultures.
D. the English language.

18. A mental construct that represents some aspect of the world in a simplified form is called a
A. concept.
B. measurement.
C. theorem.
D. variable.

19. In the structural-functional approach, the fact that extended periods of education characteristic of our society serve to keep millions of people out of the labor market would most likely be called a
A. manifest function.
B. manifest dysfunction.
C. latent function.
D. latent dysfunction.

20. Leila, who had lived all her life in Ames, Iowa, experienced disorientation when she arrived in Paris, France. Her tour guide told her not to worry; she was only experiencing what sociologists call
A. jet lag.
B. cultural relativism.
C. culture shock.
D. ethnocentrism.

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