The Construction of Modern Social Policy
You are required to locate a government White Paper of your choice, dependent on your area of interest. E.g. A White Paper on Health Policy, Education Policy, community care, housing policy etc.
- The act must be 8 years old
Once agreed you need to:
1 Identify the title, date and source of the White Paper.   
E.g. Working For Patients. (1989) Dept.of Health.
2 Identify the key aims / proposals of the White Paper.
E.g. the key aims stated in the above example working for Patients Are:
1, to improve efficiency of service.
       2, to improve the quality of service within the NHS.
       3, to improve patient choice of NHS services.
3 Once you have identified and explained why those aims have been proposed, (why the particular government making the proposals suggested these aims were more appropriate in comparison to those of past opposing governments) you will next need to analyse the outcome of the white Papers aims in practice.
4 You will need to consider whether following implementation (that is the passing of the Act that follows the White Paper making the aims law) has improved or worsened the provision of service for both service providers and service users. Consider each aim separately as you may find some aims have been successful whilst others have not. Using authoritative sources (relevant books, journals and newspaper articles) compare the views of the different authors who have commented on the implementation and outcome of the Act.

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The choice and diversity white paper was published in July 1992 by the Department of Education. The white paper formed the foundation of the Education Act of 1993. The government through the paper identified specialization as the future of the British secondary education system rather than selection (DfE, 1992). Immediately after appointment as the Secretary state of education, John Patten explained that specialization would form the basis of influencing the government’s education policy (Gillard, 2015). The white paper explained that specialization gave the parents a choice to determine the different kinds of secondary education they desired for their children while selection gave choice to schools.
The choice and diversity white paper introduced reforms that were meant to elevate the standards of education in the country. The paper argued that the proposed reforms were based on common sense principles such as rigorous examination of the students and increasing the parental choice (DfE, 1992). Further, the education white paper sought to build on the five themes that were...
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