Write at least 2 paragraphs in length:
Marriage, family, education and religion - this discussion question will combine all of these aspects by looking at how they can impact a person's ability to be a top earner in the economy, specifically in the US. First, read the article "Who's your Daddy?" published in the NY Times Opinionator in 2013. This looks at how specifically an individuals fathers connections and ultimately their family, play a large role in their future economic standing.

When you are done, answer the following questions:

- Looking at a person's potential for educational attainment and upward social mobility how much do you think arises by family status and how much do you think is created by an individual. Explain your answer?

2a. Do you think the ideal of the "American dream" is helpful or hurtful (both?) to those who come from families in the bottom 10% of economic standing.
2b... Do you think this is a dream that needs needs to be revised? Why or why not?
3. how do you feel religion can play a role is social mobility? or can it? Explain your thoughts.

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The family status of an individual significantly influences his or her chances for upward social mobility and education. The article points out a study in the United States that reveals more than half of...

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