How do Different conceptions of human nature affect Social Contract Theory?
a) 1,500 words
b) 10-14 references or sources and one of them must be Heywood.

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A human being is a social being whose behavior is influence by the environment in which he lives. This explains the reason as to why when individuals relocate from one area to another, they are bound to suffer from culture shock. The social contract theory revolves around the belief that man decided to give up the self-governing and bestowed the responsibility to a unit called a government. Axiomatically, man is a selfish being that needs control in order for social order to prevail in the society. Different scholars have different conceptions of the human nature which explains why there are some differences in how they outline their understanding of the social contract theory (Heywood, 2004). John Locke, Jeanne Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes being the founding fathers of this perspective agreed to some extent but not fully. All the three scholars agreed that man retained some natural rights, like the right to live, but lost some liberties.
Human needs, wants, desires and orientations change with time. The cause of disharmony that was in the state of nature cannot be assumed to have lasted for many generations (Kohn, 1986). During the time the aforementioned philosophers were postulating their theories, the biggest interest that man had was barely subsistence. Food was the main bone of contention. As revolutions took place, man started to think about wealth creation (Braybrooke, 1976). Comparatively, today, disharmony in the world is largely caused by capitalistic economic...

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