Critical reading of a journal article
Word count: 1500
For this assignment you will need to download and read the article marked ‘journal article for assignment 1’.
Using this paper, discuss the following:
a) What is the author trying to achieve?
b) How well are the main ideas addressed and discussed in this article?
c) How qualified is the author to make these claims?
d) What are the key themes emerging from the paper (findings/analysis)
e) What contributions to knowledge the paper makes (conclusions)
You will need to provide an introduction indicating the source of the paper, whether it is peer reviewed etc.
You will need to use Harvard referencing and provide a reference list.

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The article is a researchers response paper that reacts to already done studies in some parts of the world. The articles is named by its authors, ‘cutting down: insights from qualitative studies of smoking in pregnancy’. As the title suggests, the authors start the article with advocating for the cut-down process as the best procedure to rehabilitating smoking mothers during pregnancy. Scholars who wrote the article are Kate Flemings, David Fox, Morang Heirs and Amanda Sowden. All the article writers belong to the Department of Health Sciences in the Universityof York, UK. The article was also reviewed in the same University by Professor Hilary Graham from the University of York, Department of Health Sciences. The four authors used the metadata analysis in making up their case.As Troncy, et al., (2011, p. 86) explains, Metadata is more accurate when much of it is used to make a central conclusion. This article adheres to the same understanding.
What the authors want to achieve
The authors of the article are addressing the issue of smoking among the expectant mothers. What they try to achieve is seeking the support for already winning findings to contain the situation. According to the authors, smoking during pregnancy is risky both to the unborn children and the mother. They argue that the smoking behavior is not easy to quit as may be proposed by any medical practitioner. So, they support the cutting down to smoking plan as the best strategy to quit or reduce the...
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