Policy on Religious Diversity and Equality for K-12 Education

Based on the readings in the Context, Voices, and Next Steps, design a policy for a K-12 school system in your state that would address the issues of religious oppression and tolerance.

You need to begin your policy with an outline of the dominant problems related to religious oppression. You can draw those patterns of oppression and discrimination from the Voices section. After all, if you don’t know what the problems are, you can’t create a policy for change.

You also need to address the historical effects of religious discrimination on the societies, with a specific focus on the role of K-12 education. Again, after all, you can’t get support for your policy if you don’t show the importance of religious oppression and discrimination on the society.

And finally, in your policy, you need to take into account: curriculum (what students are taught in class), professional training (how teachers are prepared to deal with students in class and outside of class, and with parents), and extracurricular programs for students. What specific points and actions should be included in the curriculum, the professional training, and extracurricular programs?

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Policy on Religious Diversity and Equality for K-12 Education
The policy on religious diversity and equality for K-12 education is to promote respect and knowledge about religion in an effort to ensure there is equity to the relationship between education and religion. The policy acknowledges the diverse religious heritage in the state and adopts a strategy that aims to ensure there is profound respect for each religion and affirms the importance of religious diversity and equality for the K-12 education. Further, the policy aims to ensure that the K-12 education promotes equity and justice in religious issues...

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