You will need to identify a topic and research question and use 4 appropriate research papers to construct a literature review.
You will need to present the review as follows:

1. State the research aim/question
2. Outline your research strategy – identify databases searched, keywords used, number of articles found. Provide a short discussion of why you chose the 4 you use for the review.
3. Summarise the main themes/points of each article – present these as a summary rather than a paper by paper review where possible.
4. Provide a conclusion – indicate how relevant each article is in addressing the research question.

You will need to use Harvard referencing and provide a reference list.
Word count: 1500

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Women and Slavery in the U.S
Slavery in the United States was mostly practiced in the southern side of the country due to the abundance of cotton plantations and other agricultural activities. The slaves were degraded and mistreated by their masters who offered them very little pay in return. While many books and articles have been written on the plight of the slaves during that period, more literature on the plight of women during slavery in America is required. This research paper is interested in examining the quality of life of women during the era of slavery in America. Black women were especially at the mercy of their masters and were prone to physical and sexual assault. In addition, slaves were sold off to new masters and sometimes given away as settlement for debts incurred. The rights of women were not respected by their masters hence they suffered a lot. The aim of this research paper is to find out the plight of women in the U.S during the period of slavery.
In coming up with this Literature review, four sources were selected for comparison. Feminism is a wide subject that is often defined to refer to women who want to replace the roles and responsibilities of men in the society, however, there are many issues surrounding feminism such as the freedoms of women in male dominated societies. Many articles and books exist about the period around the Civil War. The research was conducted on the EBSCO host database under the American history and life section where numerous articles were found relating to women and slavery in the US. The keywords used in the search included “women and slavery in the US” “feminism during the slavery era” and “the role of women during the slavery era.” More than ten...
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