Literature Review on the Pros and Cons of U.S. Immigration Trends (960 words)

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A literature review examines and synthesizes the current understanding of a precise topic. Writing a review paper is good practice for synthesizing and organizing a lot of information into a concise product (i.e. a short document.) As explained in class, it is through the literature review that a researcher brings him/herself up to date on existing knowledge about his or her research topic, generated by previous studies. Having reviewed such studies, the researcher may then refine his or her research interest/topic. The researcher will also ensure that his or her own research will fill any gaps – that is, provide additional information that may not yet be available. Normally, a scholar does a comprehensive search for everything that has been published about her topic. For this assignment, however, you are given all the articles/chapters you need to read, review and synthesize.
You are required to write a literature review based on the material provided by your professor. The assignment will help you sharpen critical thinking skills that are important for all successful professionals – not only for scientists!
This is what you need to do:
1. Briefly for each article (there are three) summarize using 1-2 paragraphs. In total you should have around 4-6 paragraphs of summarization
2. Succinctly discuss some common themes, issues, methods, findings. If possible, the discussion should integrate all the given articles/chapters.
3. Write some of the questions these particular readings raised for you. What are you still wondering about? (Note: Simply answering "nothing" is unacceptable)
4. On a separate page, write a list of references in APA or MLA format (not included in the required word count.)
The assessment of this entry will focus on the comprehensiveness of your entry, that is, on the depth of your summary of each source, and your exploration of common themes, issues, methods, findings, etc. A literature review requires reflection and this takes time. When writing this paper it is recommended not just to sit down, write a first draft and turn it in. Rather, it is recommended for you to write an outline and work on your first draft based on that. Then read your own paper and edit it -not only for content but also for grammar and syntax-. Repeat that process as many times as necessary until you feel confident you have a good final version. Please make sure you have all the in-text citations and that you are avoiding plagiarism.
Format Guidelines
This should be be between 1200 and 1250 words, and must be word-processed. The entry should also be free of all grammatical, syntactical and spelling errors. Make sure you cite everything you can or you will be failed for plagiarism.

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In “The Case for Immigration: The Secret to Economic Vibrancy,” Legrain (2007) argues that while material goods and services can move across international borders, the people who produce these goods and provide the services cannot. Legrain focuses on people as economic and labor resources, part of the global market of workers able to do more work for less money in low-skilled jobs that Americans are not willing to do themselves. He also suggests that people with university degrees no matter what country they are from provide diversity and innovative ways of thinking, citing that 21 of Great Britain’s Nobel Prize winners have been refugees and current Silicon Valley innovators are first-generation immigrants.
Legrain advises that low-skilled workers do not actually compete with American workers because in reality, low-skilled workers allow American workers to focus on other work. For instance, he cites a mother who...
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