Assignment details:
Perform the following tasks:
1.Read “Minorities Have Become a Majority in the Largest U.S. Cities’” on page 525 in your text.
2.Answer the following questions:
a.Why are the minority populations of large U.S. cities increasing?
b.What positive changes and what challenges might a minority majority bring to our society?
c.Compare these changes in the U.S. to another society outside of the U.S. Use LIRN to conduct research into demographics and immigration in other countries to support your view.
3. Remember to follow the format for written assignments:
a.Papers must be typed double-spaced and approximately 750 words. However, number of words is not as important as providing a complete answer to the question backed up by specific examples from your own experience or outside references.
b.APA guidelines should be followed for references and in-text citations
c.Proper spelling and grammar should be used.

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a. Why are the minority populations of large U.S. cities increasing?
There are several reasons why the minority populations in large U.S. cities are increasing. First, age is a factor in population in large cities. Non-Hispanics are older than the rest of the population, and the number of women in their childbirth years is declining, as opposed to Hispanics, who are overall younger with significantly more women in their childbirth years (Frey, 2011). More women are giving birth to children who are listed as at least one minority race (Frey, 2011).
Second, minorities have migrated to cities for economic opportunities. Among Hispanics, there are two reasons for migration. Middle-class Hispanics have migrated to large cities like Austin for high-tech and trade sector jobs; lower-income Hispanics have migrated for...
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