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social system and general norms in Trinidad and Tobago; marriage patterns; age at first marriage; divorce; remarriage; single parent homes.

Also include statistic rates for first marriage divorce if it's possible.

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Culturally diverse, Trinidad is comprised of those of African and East Indian descent, as well as those of European ancestry. Many terms exist to refer to the various ethnicities. Tobago, on the other hand is comprised of individuals primarily of African descent. While the official language is English, many other languages are spoken, including Spanish, Creole, and more.

This diversity is reflected in both politics and class amongst individual ethnic groups. The political structure is a Parliament and the parties reflect their ethnic backing, more so than a particular set of beliefs or class structure. Class symbols are Western-based – cars, clothing, possessions, etc. which is reflected in the local saying, “the higher the monkey climb, the more he show his tail.” ...

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