1. Select two advertisements on the same product; summarize what the advertisements say (a description of their content); and then, discuss what you think they tell us about our society.
2. Apply at least one sociological theory to the advertisements you analyzed to achieve an understanding of the media in our lives.

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Jeep gears its brand image towards the independent, free-spirited, adventurous outdoor person who wants to go anywhere, do anything, and not be limited by a vehicle that can’t get them there. The ads are designed to appeal to a spirit of free will, independence, and ruggedness that is at the heart of what it is to be American.

In the first ad, we see a bright yellow Jeep going up a white, snow-covered ski slope with rugged, jagged snow-dusted peaks and trees in the background. The Jeep is heading straight into an oncoming avalanche which is billowing snow in front of it. Snow is flying up from the tires as it heads straight uphill into an oncoming avalanche. The windows on the Jeep are blackened out. The upper left hand corner of the page reads, “Take on anything nature throws your way....

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