Develop a plan for solving the problem of poverty in the United States. Your plan should include your priorities and goals, time-lime to implement your plan, who your primary beneficiaries would be and the "cost" for your plan. Provide thoughtful responses to these questions and refer back to the text and social theories to help explain your plan.

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The problem of ending poverty in the United States is not a simple one and has been addressed from a multitude of different perspectives, depending on the sociological perspective, political, and religious underpinnings of those seeking to make change.
Some would argue that the very definition of poverty is something that is influenced by political and sociological perspectives. Surely, we can all agree that poverty is a relative thing across the United States, from community to community and certainly across the world.
In order to define poverty it is necessary to look at what is needed to not just survive, but thrive. Certainly, housing, food, shelter, and basic medical care are required to survive. An impoverished person is, for the most part, surviving. Thriving means having additional amenities like a nicer home, vehicle, luxury clothing, and the more expensive food items. While some seek to put an annual income on poverty, I would argue that this definition is easier to assess....
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