Discuss student athletes social life issues. Two student development theory references should be included. The papers need to have statistical or factual data that can easily placed in a presentation.

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Student athletes at Georgia Southern University are under tremendous pressure that differs from their non-athlete peers. Their social life is impacted by their need to devote most of their time and energy to their team. In addition, being part of a team means adhering to strict guidelines and rules for acceptable social behavior, particularly during the sport season. GSU athletes have to attend many social events and activities centered around their sport which severely limits their social life outside of their athletic life.

According to Alexander Astin’s 1985 theory of Student Involvement, each student has three “inputs.” These include the students experiences prior to college, environment during college, and characteristics after college. GSU athletes are constantly asked to juggle their commitment to their sport, their academics, and their social life. It is a tricky balancing act and few student athletes do it well. Almost always one area of their life suffers, and for many, because of the tremendous academic pressure, their social life is surprisingly the first to go....

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