Since WW II, women have been entering the work force in record numbers. Over the course of the last 15 years, women have gained some momentum in advancing their positions into the upper echelons of management in Corporate America.
Visit the three corporate websites (Microsoft Senior Leaders, HP, Google) and three corporate websites of your own choosing (which equals 6 companies in total that you will be evaluating) and then answer the following questions:
Based on your initial analysis, how many men vs. women are represented in upper-level management? (list the #'s for each company)
Do you feel that women are adequately represented in these positions? Why/Why Not? Explain your reasoning
What are some of the reasons that you think the male to female ratio is the way it is in the corporations? Explain your reasoning
If you think that women are under-represented in these corporations, what are some ways that these corporations could attract and retain women in upper-levels positions? Explain your reasoning. (if you think women are not under-represented, explain your reasoning)

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Number of women in Executive Positions

1) Microsoft Senior Leaders
Ten men, Four women

2) Hewlett Packard
Nine men, Three women

3) Google
Five Men, One woman...

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