What have you learned about diversity? Answer the following questions:

Explain how your diversity skills (communication, teamwork, conflict management, leadership and flexible thinking) will affect your plans for the future.
How has your perception of diversity changed during this class and what elements were responsible for this change?

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Diversity, I have learned in the past 12 weeks, means a great deal more than the color of one’s skin. It can turn up in so many different ways because of ones upbringing, family dynamic, life experience, socio-economic status, neuro-chemistry makeup, native language, culture and many more reasons that are far more reaching and revealing than simply the color of ones skin. It was very revealing for me to learn how great the differences were between my classmates and I as we worked on projects together. Even things like left and right-handed thinkers affected our ability to communicate. But, the mix of creative and concrete thinking when shared amongst us effectively with good communication allowed us to work better together as a team. This, however, took an immense amount of understanding, compassion, patience, and frustration, at times....
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