Find a television show or piece of popular music which, in your opinion, makes a statement about contemporary life in the U.S. Note the folkways, mores, and laws as revealed in the show or music. Look for examples of ethnocentrism and cultural lag, if applicable.

Post your answer to these questions:

Discussion question 1:
What distinctive values and patterns of behavior are reflected in the show or music?
What folkways are depicted?
What mores are depicted?
Is a law depicted? (These are formal norms.) If so, what law?

Discussion question 2:
How does our perception of how others think about us affect our self-concept?

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“Parenthood,” is a great modern television series which depicts contemporary life in the U.S. in a painfully real way. It shows what daily life is like for a very diverse California family. The characters in the show, from the bohemian mother, to the Vietnam Veteran father and their diverse children face challenges in every episode that challenge norms, folkways, mores and address taboos.

If there is ethnocentrism it is only in the geographical location and lifestyle of the characters in the family. They clearly reflect an above-average California family that is living a life many in the world would find extremely rich. In much the same way, the challenges that they face would appear silly or miniscule to that large majority in the world who are just worried about providing for their families basic needs....
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