According to the study of sociology, people belong to two different types of groups that often overlap.

Secondary Groups:
These groups are based on a common activity or interest, and they’re typically large and formal. Some examples of secondary groups are college classes, sports teams, book clubs, professional organizations, social organizations, and work. These groups help us get our education, make and spend our money, and use our free time.

Primary Groups:
Primary groups give people a sense of belonging, appreciation, and sometimes love. Family is the first primary group we belong to. Later in life, we also form primary groups with friends or close acquaintances. Members of a primary group spend a lot of time together, know each other well, and provide support for each other.

Primary Groups within Secondary Groups:
Secondary groups don’t always give us the close relationships that we desire, so we often form primary groups inside the secondary groups. For example, a small group of employees at a store might become friends and help each other emotionally and with work. Another example of a primary group within a secondary group is when a few students from an EAP class become friends, study together, help each other with homework, and support each others’ experiences in school.

Next, 5 PARAGRAPH response to one of the following questions:

Think about your experiences in high school (a secondary group). Describe how a primary group of friends helped your experiences within that secondary group.
Think about your experience in any secondary group. Describe how a primary group helped your experiences within that secondary group.

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An experience in high school where a group of friends help with my experiences would be when our science class had to present our science projects to another science class. As practice for the science fair presentation our science class was to present our group projects to another science class. By doing this we would get experience on public speaking and how to handling questions about our projects. For the project we were allowed to work in groups of three to four. We needed a display board with details of the experiment, props or pictures of the experiment, and note cards of how we will present our project. We were permitted to choose our group members and my group consisted of myself and two good friends. Another important requirement for the project was that every member of the group had to participate in the verbal presentation of the project. ...

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