Sociology Research Paper: American Credit Card Debt

1. Select a topic on any topic related to the course. While most any topic would be acceptable, make sure that your approach to the topic is aligned with the main themes of the course.

2. Find at least 4 sources of additional information (beyond what we have covered in the course) about that topic. These could be academic journal articles, documentaries, news articles, or any online source that is reliable and credible in its coverage of the topic. Include each of these 4 or more sources in your list of references at the end of your paper, and include in-text citations to each of them as you write about them.

3. Summarize what you have learned from your 4 or more sources about your topic. Your summary should include some or all of the following kinds of information: 1) noteworthy descriptive facts, figures, data, etc, 2) the main arguments of each of your sources; 3) a summary and evaluation of the evidence used by the author to support their main argument(s).

4. A discussion of what you see as the implications of your findings (i.e., the findings of your 4 sources). These could be implications for further sociological research, for public policy, for ethical choices you or others might make in your own personal life, or any other implications that you see.

5. Write a minimum of 1500 words

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Credit Card debt and lavish consumer spending have gone hand-in-hand with American culture for many centuries. While some criticize the overindulgence and overconsumption that many Americans partake in, others praise and encourage these practices as the definition and cornerstone of America’s power, and as the steam pushing its economic engine into progress and growth. In the end, however, the economic crisis of 2008 and past economic crises and depressions due to credit card debt and irrational spending have proven to be far more detrimental to the nation and to its peoples. New laws were enacted to control the use of credit cards and monitor financial manipulation on its customers....

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