1. Name each of the 5 types of social stratification systems and describe how they justify inequality.

2. The US is stratified into levels based on socioeconomic status. First, describe what you understand by the word "socioeconomic status." Then describe each of the class levels in US society: upper class, middle class........etc.

3. First describe what social mobility means and then indicate different types of social mobility. Think of your families socioeconomic position. How is your socioeconomic position different from that of your parents? What type of social mobility have you experienced in your life so far?

4. Of the three theoretical explanations of global inequality which appeals to you the most? Why? (need to provide explanations/details in your answer).

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Social Stratification and Global Inequality
Social stratification is the ranking of social actors on inferiority versus superiority bases. According to Atkinson (2014), there are four types of social stratification systems. They include caste, class, estate, and slavery. Caste is an endogamous, hereditary group whose attribution comes from the right of birth. Therefore, despite their abilities, individuals born of a caste lineage enjoys a higher social ranking. However, class is the most persistent type of stratification systems. Unlike caste, class stratification comes from capitalism dominance where advantaged individuals use their resources and abilities to rise in the social status. Thirdly, there is the estate...

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