This writing assignment is a take home essay. I will give you two essay questions—each to be addressed in 4 double spaced pages. Your answers should be based on a thorough understanding of the required readings and class lectures up to now. You are not to use other readings.

Question 1.
Select 4 readings (to cite) from the section on Inequality and construct an essay that shows how many different ways of measuring, understanding there are.

Question 2.
Develop an essay that captures the challenges- current and emergent- that face cities, from poverty and vast populations, to war and infrastructure decay.

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Question 1.
Select 4 readings (to cite) from the section on Inequality and construct an essay that shows how many different ways of measuring, understanding there are.
According to Sassen (2011), inequality is one of the most rampant social vices in the modern society. Global inequality took roots during the era of immigration, which was characterized by social and cultural differences. Up to date, the signs of inequality as shaped back then are palpable in most of cities and countries. The most persistent indicators of inequality include the economic, social, cultural and development policies as applied by the regional governments and the larger society. The purpose of this paper is to examine the various inequality indicators in the world cities and economies. Similarly, the author will include a well-thought examination of how these indicators are applicable in measuring the different levels of inequalities as well as understand the marginalized minorities.
To understand the indicators of inequality, it is vital to have a look at the conceptual definition and the factors that led to new inequality, which is the root of the modern one. According to Venkatesh & Kassimir (2007), inequality is the art of unevenly distributing resources among the social players due to social differences such as race, gender, and processes etcetera. In light f the social inequality, several factors come to play which include policies inequality, political inequality, and economic inequality.
There are two forms of inequality in the modern society as adopted from the early globalization models; they include voluntary and involuntary segregation (Gans, 2008). Voluntary segregation is occurs when a group of individuals seeks to leave the larger society and lead a solitary life by segregating their culture, processes, and identities from integrating with other groups. On the other hand, involuntary segregation is the process through which a group of individuals is forced to live in a marginalized location against their will. For instance, the Ferguson town in the USA is an example of involuntary segregation where government policies and economic models forced the immigrants to move to the town for easier survival....
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