1. Discuss how scientific inquiry tries to avoid the common pitfalls that produce error in nonscientific inquiry.

2. Identify a social concept (avoid medical terms) and show how you conceptualize, operationalize and measure that concept.

3. State 3 simple hypotheses. Then,
1. Show how the variables in each of those hypotheses are measured.
2. identify the independent and the dependent variables in each of the stated hypotheses,
3. Finally, state the expected effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable in each of those hypotheses.

4.   How are technology and social change related to each other? Provide 3 examples of technology affecting social behavior (Your answer must contain sufficient detail. No credit will be given to short answers).

5.   First define culture, socialization, subculture and counter culture with sufficient details. Then provide 2 examples each of subcultures and countercultures. How does socialization relate to culture, subculture and counter culture?

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1. Discuss how scientific inquiry tries to avoid the common pitfalls that produce error in nonscientific inquiry.

Scientific inquiry avoids four common pitfalls that produce errors in non-scientific inquiry through using measurement devices to ensure precision in observations and recording in order to avoid inaccuracy; through using large, representative sample sizes and repeating a study to avoid overgeneralization; through finding the deviations and planning for the number and kinds of observations needed in order to reach a conclusion, thereby avoiding selective observation (prejudice); and through using concise and explicit logic in order to maintain the researcher’s honesty, thereby avoiding illogical reasoning....

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