Select any type of collective action (e.g., riots, panics) or social movement (e.g., civil rights, animal rights, environmental rights) of interest to you. Prepare an essay description of the collective action or social movement, and also provide a sociological explanation of your selected action or movement. In your paper, include the sociological terms, theories, and/or research that you think apply, and explain how these apply.

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Sociological Analysis of Feminism as a Social Movement

Arriving in three waves since the late 1800s, feminism as a social movement was instigated by gender stratification, as well as by historical movements and social changes happening simultaneously. As a social movement, feminism addresses gender role stereotypes. Today, feminism has become even more widespread and socially accepted due to technology and social media, and the influence of popular culture, including hip hop music.

Feminism began as a response to the more conservative trends that had happened from the Victorian age through World War II. During its first wave from the late 19th century through early part of the 20th, feminism comprised of women’s suffrage with the eventual 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Kroløkke & Sørensen, 2006). This first wave coexisted with other social reform movements, such as abolition, temperance, and liberal and Marxist social beliefs, all often advocated by working class women (Kroløkke & Sørensen, 2006).

Second wave feminism brought with it the sexual revolution and the fight for gender equality (Marx, 2012)....

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