1. Is the concept of Race a myth?

2. Discuss the differences between race and ethnicity.

3. Define assimilation, pluralism, segregation and conflict.

4. Think of your life's experiences so far - the assests/wealth you have accumulated so far, your educational career, employment, what you have achieved etc. Would your life chances have been different if you were of the opposite sex (male if you are female and vice versa). How would your life chances be different? I need as much detail as possible in terms of how that would be different.

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1. Is the concept of Race a myth?

The concept of Race is not a myth but instead a social construct based on genetics, geography, and shared beliefs and customs. It was first used as a pseudo-scientific method by anthropologists to emphasize the importance of craniometrical measurements in the 1800s to justify the differences between humans (Ripley 1899, Coates 2013). Today, social scientists, economists, and psychologists tend to view race as a sociocultural construct (Glenn 1999; Graves 2009; Helms and Talleyrand 1997), but biologists have argued that it does have genetic basis (Schwartz, World Science 2005).
Race is a category that is used in numerous scientific fields and bureaucratic organizations, including epidemiology and the government, to continue the categorization between humans. Epidemiologists and public health specialists categorize patients into specific groups, such as White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian (Krieger 2000). Public health professionals and epidemiologists find these categories helpful when analyzing trends in chronic diseases and disparities in healthcare among racial and ethnic lines (Krieger 2000)....

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