1. What are social institutions? Why are they necessary for the survival of society? Read the piece on Changing Institutions……on this week’s reading list. Select education as your institution and talk about 5 ways in which that institution has been changing over time in form and in substance.

2. What do you think it will be like to be 10, 20, and 50 years older than you are now? What facts are your assumptions based on? You must use as much information in the chapter to support your arguments. Answers that do not use evidence from the chapter would not be given credit.

3. Read the two examples of social institutions carefully. Then imagine that you are asked to write a brief paper on changes to the social institution of marriage from 1900 to today. List with some detail the 5 major changes that you would include in that paper (I need a meaningful answer here based on what you read on the two examples – not just a short list of changes. Your discussion must include why and how those changes seem to be taking place).

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As an institution, education has been changing with the Information Revolution that forms the most recent part of the Industrial Revolution. Historically, education has primarily focused on teaching youth how to participate in society, and formalized education has had to adapt to changing social times. From a Functionalist viewpoint, this means changes in school curriculum; accepting outside sponsorship to fund their courses, teams, and school safety; having to offer on-campus protection for students; and increased demands on teacher.
According to Functionalists, how the world communicates today instantaneously with a click of the button and how business has changed due to the rapid changes in technology has pushed schools to offer classes in cultural competency, foreign language, and computer and Internet skills in order to keep up with a global demand of creating tech savvy individuals who are able to communicate with individuals and social groups from different cultures....

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