1. What class traits define your peer group? For example, what speech patterns or clothing trends do you and your friends share? What cultural elements, such as taste in music or hobbies, define your peer group? How do you see this set of class traits as different from other classes either above or below yours?

2. Compare a family that lives in a grass hut in Ethiopia to an American family living in a trailer home in the Unites States. Assuming both exist at or below the poverty levels established by their country, how are the families’ lifestyles and economic situations similar and how are they different?

3. Compare and contrast modernization theory and dependency theory. Which do you think is more useful for explaining global inequality? Explain, using examples.

4. How do you describe your ethnicity? Do you include your family’s country of origin? Do you consider yourself multiethnic? How does your ethnicity compare to that of the people you spend most of your time with?

5. Give an example of stereotyping that you see in everyday life. Explain what would need to happen for this to be eliminated.

6. Why do sociologists find it important to differentiate between sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation have in modern society?

7. Older people suffer discrimination, and often, so do teenagers. Compare the discrimination of the elderly to that of teenagers. What do the groups share in common and how are they different?

8. Describe the three main theoretical approaches to social institutions. Of these three, which approach appeals to you the most?

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What I hear around me are a variety of speech patterns. I’m from Brooklyn, so I know I’ve got a certain style of speaking which is now mixed with slang and terms I learned in the Army. This is way different from my peers. I hear a lot of accents from Latin America, like Puerto Rico and Mexico.
From what I can tell, people seem to like pop and hip hop music, and they seem really into Instagram and Twitter, taking photos of themselves, their friends, and their food to post. I also hear them listening to indie music sometimes.
It looks like people put thought into their clothes. You have the people trying to evoke the grunge age again with their flannel shirts, jean shorts, and black tights. You have the hipsters with their metrosexual clothes and man bags. And then you have some people who I don’t even know what to say is their style. They color their hair all different shades of green, blue, pink, and purple, guys and girls alike.
About myself, having been enlisted in the Army for the past 5 years, I see myself as a very casual person. I don’t see myself as having a particular style, I don’t follow fashion trends too much. Unlike my peers, I can’t afford to buy nice clothes, so when I go have to go shopping to replace something that’s worn out, I check out cheap stores but go for the classics that I know don’t look trendy or will look out of date next year. I usually don’t see anyone in these stores except Latinas, from my observation everyone speaks Spanish to each other in the store. In these kinds of stores I like to go to, I can usually find something for about $10 that will last me a few years....

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