1. What is the purpose of feminist theory?

2. What are the major tenets of liberal feminism? Would you consider yourself a liberal feminist? Why or why not?

3. Differentiate between first-wave feminism and second-wave feminism. Are we witnessing a “third wave” of feminism? Please explain your answer.

4. Pick a country, and research the growth, development, and current state of the women’s movement in that country. Be sure to include a discussion of the history of the movement, the factors that led to the development of the movement, the factors/issues/experiences that are unique to this movement, and the future of this movement.

5. What is postmodernist feminism? What are its major contributions to feminist theory?

6. What are the major tenets of socialist feminism? Why are class and capitalism so important to socialist feminism?

7. According to multi-racial feminism, what forms the basis of women’s oppression? How would multi-racial feminism critique socialist and radical feminism?

8. What are the major contributions of queer theory to feminism?

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1. The purpose of Feminist Theory is to create an empirical framework to challenge, study and analyze the status of women and using those findings to better their lives with the ultimate goal of fostering equality for both men and women. The framework of record is a “contemporary sociological theory” which challenges the stratification of women in a society that should be an egalitarian experience for both men and women alike.

2. The main premise and tenets of liberal feminism is the assertion and claim that it is ones’ own actions and choices which ultimately bring equality. Hence, women receive and/or experience an approximation of an egalitarian experience due to the act of making positive choices to position themselves as a liberated woman. I do subscribe to liberal feminism, but I do not believe it is absolute and I further believe that women ultimately are a part of society at large at that the “powers that be” in a given society have lots of influence as to the plight of women....

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