Answer the following questions after watching 3 short YouTube videos:
1- What is your opinion or more important, income or race in health care? Or is it Race and Income? With this question you will have to write your own opinion in 2 paragraphs.
2- Do you still feel the same way or has your opinion change after watching the videos about "Race"?
1 Paragraph each on these videos with your response.
Here are the videos that you will have the search for on YouTube;
a- There's no such thing as small stuff: Being Poor in Louisville
b- Living in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods is Bad for your health
c- Unnatural Causes- Multiple Stress Factors and Social Indicators of Health
3- Does your perception change based on Race or Income in health services that you get today in the United States. This will be 1 paragraph.

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1. Because we live in a material world where ethical norms are considered obsolete, I believe that income plays a much more important role than race in health care. Health care system treats patients as clients. In the U.S., we do not have a universal health care system that is designed to cover the health care needs of all citizens. That is why I think that, unless insured through a health care plan provided by an employer, a person with low income will not get a chance to obtain a quality health care treatment...

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