This assignment asks you to carry out library and/or web-based research into the work of a community development organization or project of your own choosing. Since our class is about community development in the context of global inequality, I strongly encourage you to consider a project or organization that is working outside of the United States. (But this is not a requirement).
Your goal is to identify what the organization/project is doing, how and why they’re doing their work this way (here, you’re looking at the particular strategy/approach used to accomplish “community development”), and finally to evaluate the project/organization.
Then you will write up a brief report (probably around 6–10 pages) of your research. At the very least, your report will include the following information:
• Introductory description: provide an accurate and detailed description of the where, who, and what of this organization/project.
• Analysis: Break down both the goal and the approach. Regarding the goal, consider the following types of questions: What is being done here? Why is this important? Why is this thought to be “community development”? [this requires some connection to our earlier readings, particularly Ledwith’s earliest chapters, about the meaning/definition of community development]. When looking at the particular strategy or approach used by the organization/project, you will want to explore: is this a top-down or a bottom-up approach? Is it outsider-driven or community-driven? Does it take an asset-based or a needs-based approach? How and why do these decision matter? [hint: the best papers will make meaningful connections with our assigned readings and in-class discussions about these issues].
• Evaluation: Finally, you should dedicate some space to discussing what you think about the project/organization. Is this laudable community development work? Or do you have some reservations/concerns about the work being done? Or, in the worst-case scenario, are you actually opposed to the work they’re doing? Here I expect you to both clearly state you position on these questions and provide a strong explanation for why.

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Community development occurs when community members join forces, take communal action, and create solutions to shared problems (CD, 2014). It is the term given to the methods of civic leaders, activists, professional and involved citizens in order to improve the various aspects of the community, by aiming to developing stronger and resilient local communities.
The Evergreen Cooperatives Model
The evergreen cooperatives model was launched in 2008 by the Cleveland-based institutions. The Evergreen Cooperative project, which is operating in six low-income neighborhoods in an area called Greater University Circle is operational to create living-wage jobs. The model simultaneously helps marginalized communities by offering local jobs, and creating wealth, in addition to providing products and services to meets local institution’s needs. Their example shows how collaborative actions accompanied by rigorous planning can lead to an innovative approach to doing business. The Evergreen Cooperatives is a green industrial project that is based in Glenville’s previously challenged Cleveland's region. The Evergreen Cooperative’s mission is to produce worker-owned cooperative projects that are linked to the larger conception of building community prosperity.
The values that Evergreen cooperative uphold are:
• Engaging with different audiences to accelerate strategies for change in ways that are optimistic and empowering.
• Transforming the innovative thoughts into gallant action
• Being accountable to stakeholders who contribute to the institution in terms of time and resources, to the communities they serve, and in the deliverance of programs and services of the uppermost quality.
• To use systems approach between place and people; to recognize environmental matters are a part of the interdependent, economic, and social systems....

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