1. How many of your choices agreed with the U.S. Census Bureau's way of classifying people in racial and ethnic groups? Why do you think you had those results?

2. What do you think the point of this exercise is supposed to be? Where Race Lives. Work your way through the two sections, Uncle Sam Lends a Hand and A Tale of Two Families.

3. How did federal housing policies in the twentieth century benefit whites so much more than blacks? Be sure to give examples as discussed in the website. Hint: Discuss at least 4 acts and discuss policies.

4. What is the main point of the Tale of Two Families about the economic inequality one sees today between most white and black families?

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Race: The Power of an Illusion
Q. 1
Of all my choices, only seven agreed with the U.S. Census Bureau’s method of categorizing individuals in racial and ethnic communities. This necessarily means that my accuracy level stood at 35 percent, which is way below average. When classifying the subjects, I mainly looked at their hair and skin colors. This was the core reason for the results. According to PBS (2017), appearance does not inform one about another person’s self-identity or ancestry at all times. Therefore, there is a high potential that one will make more errors when classifying people based on their skin and hair color...

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