Step# 1 Select an Organization, read chapter six to brush up on your familiarity with formal organizations, pay special attention to terms, concepts, and theories; for example, Weber’s characteristics of bureaucracies, or Robert Merton’s explanation of the “bureaucratic personality”.

Step #2 Identify selected organizational culture popular within Popular America Culture (Enron, Disney, Challenger & Columbia space shuttle disaster, AIG, United Way) and describe the organizational and how it fits in with Popular American Culture.

Step #3 Describe the organizational culture: material objects, behaviors, ideologies, symbols, and knowledge capacity. Chapter seven for details on how to assess organizational culture. Note this observation can be done online, does not require the student to visit the organization.

Step #4 Conduct an organizational diagnoses on selected organization, see chapter Seven Be sure to use terms, concepts, and theories from chapter six when conducting diagnoses.

Step #5 Conclude research with suggestions on how organization can be more efficient or maintain its efficiency.

2    Eight slide PowerPoint illustrating Organization Culture & Organizational Diagnosis

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Assessing Organizations


For the purpose of this report, the selected organization, is Kellogg’s, an American multinational food producing organization known for top brands including Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Morning Farms, and Cheez-It among others. Kellogg’s has production plants spread across 18 countries, with the consequent products marketed in at least 180 nations, thus making the firm among the most extensive in the world. According to KBR (2016), the company’s stated purpose is nourishing families to assist them to flourish and thrive in their lives. In the present paper, Kellogg’s organizational culture and how it aligns with the Popular America Culture will be determined. In addition to this, the study will conduct organizational diagnoses on the firm and suggest the way Kellogg’s might be more efficient, or maintain its efficiency.

Kellogg’s organizational culture and how it fits within Popular...

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