1. Describe the following theories of deviant behavior causation: (what are the important characteristics and assumptions of each?)
A. Differential association theory
B. Labeling theory
C. Strain theory
E. Opportunity theory
What types of deviance might be best explained by each theory?specific examples might be useful.

2. Our position in the social class/stratification system is possibly the most important determinant of our behavior and our chances in life. How does a person’s social class and income affect the following:
A. Our health and access to health care
B. Treatment by the criminal justice system and access to legal defense
C. Political influence and power
D. Your supply one

3. Economic inequality in the U.S. is pretty extreme. Briefly describe (using statistics) the extent of the inequality of economic resources. Discuss the applicability of symbolic interaction, structural-functionalism and conflict theory as explanations of this inequality.

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Theories of deviant behavior causation
Differential association theory holds out that deviant behavior is usually learned when a person interacts with others. A person is more likely to become deviant if the level of exposure to law-breaking attitudes is greater relative to law-abiding ones (McCaghy, Capron, Jamieson, & Carey, 2016). The theory can best explain corporate, white-collar, and organized crimes as these deviances are learned from observing others performing these malicious acts.
Labeling theory holds out that acts are deviant or criminal primarily because they have been attributed as such. The theory also purports that powerful groups tend to label the less able persons (McCaghy, Capron, Jamieson, & Carey, 2016). The theory can be used to explain crimes such as murder.
The strain theory puts it forth that deviance often occurs whenever the access of a person to the approved means of accomplishing culturally approved goals is denied or blocked...

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