Write a Paper on the topic of Child Labor using the following sources:
- Beegle, K., Dehejia, R., & Gatti, R. (2009). Why should we care about child labor? The education, labor market, and health consequences of child labor. Journal of Human Resources, 44(4), 871-889.
- Heady, C. (2003). The effect of child labor on learning achievement. World Development, 31(2), 385-398.
- Baland, J. M., & Robinson, J. A. (2000). Is child labor inefficient?. journal of Political Economy, 108(4), 663-679.
- Giampetro-Meyer, A., Brown, T., & Kubasek, N. (1993). The exploitation of child labor: An intractable international problem. Loy. LA Int'l & Comp. LJ, 16, 657

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Child labor is a multicausal global problem that affects millions of children. According to UNESCO, around 150 million children around the world are engaged in paid and unpaid forms of labor (UNESCO, 2016). Child labor negatively impacts children’s physical, mental, and social well-being or interferes with their education. It is internationally recognized as a substantial barrier to national development and a significant violation of human rights, children’s rights, and labor rights (International Labour Office, 2013). This paper will explore the relationship between child labor and poverty as one of many factors that contribute to child labor.
Extreme poverty...

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