Reflective Essay:
Write a 2-3 page reflective essay on utilizing the learning's of the Stanford Prison Experiment to create an institutional environment that would produce positive altruistic individual behavior rather than negative evil behavior. Instead of a Lucifer effect perhaps a Gabriel effect.
Please include “2” outside quotes, comments, or paraphrases in your answer, and cite the sources.

Case Analysis:
A critical aspect of the Stanford Prison Experiment is the willingness of the bystander or " good guard" not to act even if their non action will result in others being harmed. Please review the video on YouTube called the Bystander Effect - people watch girl being abducted

Write a 2-3 page Case Analysis and answers these two questions:
What do these experiments tell us about the way in which bystander individuals respond to a crisis when part of a group?
How does this compare with your own observations and experience with bystanders
Locate and discuss at least two peer-reviewed articles.

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Reflective essay: Using the Stanford Prison Experiment's lessons to create a "Gabriel" effect

The Stanford Prison Experiment motivated me to think of the fundamental need for reforming an institutional environment such as the prison. Rather than producing the “Lucifer” effect, the prison setting should facilitate a “Gabriel” effect manifested by desirable altruistic behavior among the prisoners. The question, however, is how to come up with such a setting. As this paper will attempt to show, the key to this is treating the prisoners the right way, thereby instilling the belief that leading virtuous lives is more desirable relative to prioritizing evil.

One of the essential lessons learned from the experiment is that prison wardens are barbaric, considering that they subjected the inmates to dehumanizing punishment. For example, they soaked the prisoners with carbon dioxide from fire extinguishers and stripped them bare, besides confining the prisoner who had led the rebellion....

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