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Please write a 2-3-page paper to respond to the case study questions. Write the paper in APA format with the APA Manual (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) and/or the APA Guide to help you with formatting. Please do not repeat the case study questions in your paper. Weave your responses into in integrated, coherent analysis of the case. Provide at least two references (other than, or in addition to, the text) from peer-reviewed journals to support your analysis.

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The group discussed in the case study is indeed a team. This is precisely so because the faction had mutual leadership roles besides individual and shared accountability. In addition to this, the group had a specific purpose, that is, to facilitate a highly technical tax service for the clients. An additional aspect that conveys the group as a team is the prevalence of collective work outcomes such as using individual creativity to solve composite problems for the benefit of each other. Furthermore, the parties discussed in the case engages discusses, makes decisions, and performs mutual activities to reach their work goals....

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