Reflective Essay
Write a 2-3 page reflective essay on the impact that your socialization in conformity and obedience to authority has had on your life. How have these issues influenced your attitudes towards marriage, choice of occupation, child rearing or any other important aspect of your life you choose to examine.
Please include two (2) outside quotes, comments, or paraphrases in your answer, and cite the sources.

Case Analysis
A critical aspect of the Stanford Prison Experiment is the willingness of most people to conform to group and organizational pressure even if the actions they carry out go against their normal moral judgment. A pioneer in research on Conformity is Salomon Asch. Please review the two brief videos on YouTube

Asch Conformity Experiment
Write a 2-3 page Case Analysis and answers these two questions:

What do these experiments tell us about the way in which individuals respond to group pressure?
How does this compare with your own observations and experience with conformity?

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The effects of my socialization in conformity and obedience to authority
My socialization in conformity and obedience to authority has had a substantial influence in my life. Principally, these issues have elicited a host of changes in my attitudes towards my choice of occupation, marriage, and child-rearing. As I will show in this reflective paper, the transition in my attitudes is mainly empowering.
About six months ago, I attended a family convention in New York organized by numerous experts among them Alyson Schafer. Schafer is a family counselor, researcher, and globally acclaimed parenting specialist who focuses on empowering families by sharing her rules, principles, and tools for raising healthy and happy kids. The speakers at the convention touched on various family dynamics ranging from benchmark child-rearing practices to strategies for sustaining happy and passionate marital relationships....

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