What might be some disadvantages of crime analysis and crime mapping? Are there any ways in which these methods may be counter-productive or harmful? Are there ways that these approaches could back-fire? I am not asking you to condemn these methods; just try to play "devil's advocate" and discus some possible negative aspects of these methods.

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What might be some disadvantages of crime analysis and crime mapping?

Police chiefs and researchers have been trying to determine the most effective policing techniques that are capable of not only interpreting the patterns of crime within their jurisdictions but also acting towards its reduction. Among the popularly used crime reduction models are crime analysis and crime mapping. According to Santos (2014), crime analysis is simply a function of law enforcement, which involves a systematic review of data to identify trends and patterns in crime and disorder. On the other hand, crime mapping is a tool that is mainly used by law enforcement analysts to visualize, map, and analyze crime incident patterns. Crime mapping is a crucial component in crime analysis and uses typically geographic information system, which helps in identifying the crime hot spots as well as the patterns and trends formed by the criminals in every hot spot....

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