This paper is to integrate what you now know about the profession of social work, its values, knowledge base, skills, practice settings and the importance of understanding diversity. This paper is to help you begin to apply what you are learning as it applies to individuals, families and small groups important to the family. Working with individuals and families is called "Micro" practice.

All individuals and families have stresses and problems. Recall that when we use the ecological perspective, that we, as individuals, live and develop in the context of other systems. Micro systems include the individual, family and important interpersonal relationships. When an individual experiences difficulties, other "micro" systems are affected, and affect, the individual. For example, drug addiction may be the issue for only one person in the family. However, drug abuse will affect the functioning of the entire family and other important individuals. Other "micro" systems may impact negatively on the individuals use/abuse or may work to positively affect change. For our purposes, we will not address other intimate groups. We'll just imagine an issue that has become a problem in a family.

So think of a family. Choose an issue that families face. Perhaps a teenager has been skipping school or running away, the father has become disabled, the mother has a drinking problem, a child comes out as gay to a fundamentalist Christian family, the family is being threatened by immigration issues, a child has joined a gang or a cult. (You get the idea). Choose a social problem that you know a little about, and, that affects individuals - and the family. For topic ideas, consider the textbook's table of contents, a current event, or a social justice issue that is important to you. Use the essay format (Introduction, body and conclusion) and focus on the micro and mezzo levels of intervention. CreatSoe, in your mind, a person with an "issue" and their family system.


Use the APA Template. Write a five page paper. This includes the cover page and the reference page. Refer to, quote as appropriate, and cite in-text (using the full APA format) when answering the questions. Include each of the following sections/questions. Follow the essay format: Introduction, body, conclusion; create headings for clarity; respond to each section. Reminder: respond to EACH element. Use FULL in-text citations. Create Reference Section.


1.) In the first paragraph or two, introduce your individual and the family. Tell me their names and ages. Identify the person with the problem and the issue they are dealing with.


1.) Discuss the issue the individual and the family is dealing with. You may read a head in your text about this issue and/or use an outside source. In other words, do some research outside the reading you have already one on this topic. Refer to the source(s) of your information about the problem/issue by using at least one complete APA in-text citation. Remember to cite your source (s) in the reference section at the end of your paper.

2.) Apply the following social work elements to your "case." Consider using one paragraph to deal with each of the following points and respond. For this section, discuss how you expect social workers to respond to this person (lean on your text for this part):

The values of the social work profession
The ecological/systems perspective, especially the insight that people are influenced by our environment and influence our environment (how is this issue affecting the family?)
Social injustices such as discrimination and other oppression based on sex, sexual orientation, race, class, etc.
Discuss at least one perspective that you have learned about such as psychosocial frameworks, cognitive-behavioral frameworks, and/or political and ideological frameworks that apply to this case.
How might you, as a social worker respond to the problem using this framework?
What methods and/or skills would you use at the micro level?
What other agencies or professionals might you get involved? Why?


Tell me/Summarize the important points that you just made (final paragraph). Make concluding comments and/or add insight.

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Joan of Arc is a 15 years old Brazilian girl in her last junior school year living in Elmont, California. She comes from a family constituted of her father, mother, and two younger siblings, a boy, and a girl. The father, Mr. Bobby Firmino 43 years of age, is currently in China working on a project initiated by an American building and construction company for which he is an employee serving in the capacity of a senior engineer. Joan of Arc’s mother, Gabriella Barbosa aged 35 years, is a qualified community nurse but has since let the discipline to become a professional footballer. Indianapolis Vipers has tied her to a seven years contract ending 2019. Corazon Marta and Luis Muriel, aged 10 and 5 years respectively, are Arc’s younger sister and brother. They attend the same school as Joan of the Arc. Nonetheless, the teachers at the school have recently complained of Arc’s consistent absenteeism from school.

The issue that Joan and her family are dealing with
Joan’s class teacher recently called her parents requesting to know the reason for their daughter’s persistent absenteeism from school. Barbosa is especially puzzled considering that she drops her daughter every day at the school’s gate on her way to training. The teacher claims that over the last three weeks, Arc has only attended school for a combined five days. The teacher also tells the parents that as they are talking, Arc is not at school. According to Maluleke (2014), whenever the children engage in notable indifferent behaviors related to the school, the problem of blame-game often become a norm....

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