In the movie TransAmerica, describe both the dominant and minority groups and how they are represented.
In what way(s) is the minority group oppressed or discriminated against?
What is the response of the minority?
What are the strengths and weakness of the major characters in each group?

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Review of TransAmerica

In the movie TransAmerica (2005) the dominant group are heterosexual parents and their children, while the oppressed group is the transsexual and transgendered parent. The dominant group is psychotherapy represented by Bree’s therapist, while the minority group is Christianity (which Bree pretends to be). Also, there is tension between the transgendered group and the transexual group (which is complicated by the fact that the main character, who in the beginning of the film is transgendered, but by the end of the story chooses to go through with her sex assignment operation -- is played in real life by gender conforming actress Felicity Huffman....

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